Lake Whatcom Water Sewer District



Utility bills are for water and sewer services received in the previous two months and are mailed out bi-monthly.  All water service in the District is metered.  Water use from 0-600 cubic feet per billing period is covered by the basic rate.  Average water use over the duration of two months for one person is about 600 cubic feet.  Water usage usually increases during the summer months.  The sewer portion of your bill accounts for the majority of the basic rate.  Sewer costs to the District are based upon the volume of sewage sent to the City of Bellingham for treatment.  All District customers pay the same bi-monthly water and sewer rates.

Current Rates for 2018 – Every Two Months

Service Rate
Water $67.60
Sewer $159.42
Total Basic Rate $227.02
Water Usage Over 600 Cubic Feet up to 2,500 (per 100 cubic feet) $9.60
Water Usage Over 2,500 Cubic Feet (per 100 cubic feet) $12.00

To calculate water consumption:

  • Find the total water “consumed” on your utility billing statement. This number represents cubic feet.
  • If the total amount of water consumed is equal to or less than 600 cubic feet, your water consumption is equal to the basic rate for service. Refer to the rate table above for our current rates for service.
  • If the total amount of water consumed is over 600 cubic feet, apply the following to figure your consumption charges:
  • Subtract 600 from the total amount of water consumed.
  • Multiply the remainder by 0.0885. This is your consumption charge. This amount is in addition to the basic rate for service.

Billing Cycle for Geneva and North Shore Service Areas

Service for Billing Date Due Date
January – February March 1st April 20th
March – April May 1st June 20th
May – June July 1st August 20th
July – August September 1st October 20th
September – October November 1st December 20th
November – December January 1st February 20th

Billing Cycle for Sudden Valley Service Area

Service for Billing Date Due Date
February – March April 1st May 20th
April – May June 1st July 20th
June – July August 1st September 20th
August – September October 1st November 20th
October – November December 1st January 20th
December – January February 1st March 20th


Why is my bill so high?

Many district customers, especially those who have just moved to the area, have questions about what makes up the cost of their bi-monthly water bill.  For more detailed information about billing, please click here.

Reduced Rates

In January of 2015 the District began offering reduced rates to qualified low-income senior and disabled customers for water and sewer utilities provided by the District.  See Resolution 807 and the Reduced Rate Application form for qualification requirements.

Application for Reduced Rates

Resolution 807

Cost of Low Income Discount 2016