Lake Whatcom Water Sewer District


ULID #18

General Information

A Utility Local Improvement District Assessment is a means to finance a necessary public improvement in Washington State by assessing benefiting property owners for the costs to complete the improvement, as fairly as possible in relation to the special benefit received. Property owners in the benefit area may either pay their respective assessments in a single lump sum, or they may pay them in installments over a period of time not exceeding 20 years at an interest rate set by the governing body of the public entity empowered by law to form the assessment.

In 2001, the Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District Board of Commissioners formed utility local improvement district assessment (ULID) #18 for the financing of the Lake Louise Road Sewer Interceptor. Some vacant properties located within the benefit area were excluded from the assessment role because the property owner elected to “opt out” of ULID 18 by recording a Restrictive Covenant. A Restrictive Covenant prevents the property from receiving sewer service for a period of at least 25 years from December 16, 2002.

The original amount for ULID #18 was $2,792.78 per assessment.

Billing for Installments:

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