Lake Whatcom Water Sewer District


2014 Final Sewer Comprehensive Plan

Click the links below to view Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District’s 2014 Sewer Comprehensive Plan

The Districts is required by the state to update its Sewer and Water Comprehensive Plans every six years.

Comprehensive Sewer Plan 2014-05-27_FINAL

Exhibit A Boundary

Exhibit B Collection System

Exhibit C Inflow Infiltration Engineering Brief

Exhibit D Hydraulic Model

Exhibit E Sudden Valley and Geneva Schematics

Exhibit F North Shore Schematic

Exhibit G City of Bellingham Agreement

Exhibit H Public Water Systems

Exhibit I Master Fees and Charges Resolution 798

Exhibit J Potential Sewer Growth Map

Exhibit K Capital Improvement Plan

Exhibit L Requirements for Water Sewer Resolution 757

Exhibit M Stormwater and Water Quality

Exhibit N Study Area Characteristics