Lake Whatcom Water Sewer District


2010 Water System Comprehensive Plan

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The District is required by the state to update its Water and Sewer Comprehensive Plans every six years.

2010 Water System Comprehensive Plan – October 2010

Section 10-1 Supportive Documents

Section 10-2 Agreements

Section 10-3 Comments on WSP by Others

Section 10-4 Water Rights

Section 10-5 District Documents Incorporated by Reference

Appendix A – Sudden Valley-Geneva Reservoir Analysis

Appendix B – Water Use Efficiency Plan

Appendix C – North Shore Water Consolidation Feasibility Study

Appendix D – Water Quantity-Water Quality Data

Appendix E – Reserved

Appendix F – Financial Data

Appendix G – District Standard Document Templates

Appendix H – Water and Sewer Design Standards and Construction Standards and Details

Appendix I -Capital Improvement Plan – 2011 Update