Lake Whatcom Water Sewer District


Water and Sewer Permits

Water and Sewer Permit Application Packet

Permit application form and all of the information that you will need to purchase and utilize a water and sewer permit from the District. An appointment with the Engineering Department saves time by allowing the permit to be prepared in advance.

Developer Extension Agreement (DEA) Application

Apply to establish a Developer Extension Agreement to identify basic facility needs for the project. Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer Board of Commissioners evaluates the project prior to allowing extension.

Bonded Side Sewer Contractor List May 24, 2017

Licensed contractors who carry a surety bond in favor of the District

Bonded Side Sewer Contractor Application Packet

Application for Certification as a Sewer Services Contractor with the District.

Construction Standards January 4, 2016

The following general standards of design, construction, and materials are set forth for new construction within Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District's service area.