Board of Commissioners

The District’s service area includes Geneva, Sudden Valley and the North Shore of Lake Whatcom. The District is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners who set the policies and rates of the District. The District is divided into five commissioner districts; each represented by a resident elected from that district to serve a six year term of office.  Currently serving as Commissioners are:

  • Laura L. Abele – Board President

    Laura L. Abele – Board President

    Position 1 - Sudden Valley
  • Todd Citron – Board Secretary

    Todd Citron – Board Secretary

    Position 2 - Geneva
  • Bruce R. Ford

    Bruce R. Ford

    Position 3 - North Shore
  • Leslie McRoberts

    Leslie McRoberts

    Position 4 - Sudden Valley
  • John Carter

    John Carter

    Position 5 - Geneva

Detailed Commissioner District Map

Requesting Action by Board of Commissioners

Typical requests for Board action include appeals of the General Manager’s decisions and requests for variances to standard District policy or any other business that requires a decision or direction from the Board.  Requests to the Board of Commissioners must be received in writing and should include the name of the requester as well as their address, telephone number, and a brief description of the problem along with the preferred remedy.  Requests must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month in order to be included on the agenda for that month’s first meeting. The first meeting of each month is held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  The requester is welcome to attend the meeting, but attendance is not necessary to have the issue considered.  Following the meeting, the requester will receive a letter informing them of the Board’s decision.