District Mission & Goals


To provide the best possible water and sewer services to District customers in a cost efficient manner, and in a way that contributes to protecting Lake Whatcom’s water quality.


  • To provide safe and reliable drinking water with sufficient capacity to meet fire flow requirements and sewerage collection to District customers.
  • To establish connection charges and utility rates necessary to maintain the District’s financial viability.
  • To protect the natural resources within the Lake Whatcom watershed through cooperative efforts with other community and governmental organizations.
  • To be recognized as an outstanding public utility that is responsive to the diverse expectations of its customers.
  • To maintain the District’s facilities through effective planning, prevention, and corrective maintenance practices.
  • To provide sewer and water service to those portions of the District as may reasonably be served.
  • To have an organization environment that is responsive to customer needs, promotes teamwork and a safe work environment, and allows all people to achieve their full potential.