Bill Cycle Changes are Coming in 2024

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Beginning in January of 2024, Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer Customers will see an adjustment to their billing cycles.

Currently, there are 50 days between the bill date and the due date, bills are generated one month and not due until the following month. For example, bills generated on January 1 are not due until February 20. This creates a wide gap (about 100 days) between the original billing date and potential meter lock due to past due balance.

Starting in 2024, LWWSD billing cycles will be reduced to 25 days between the bill date and the due date. This will shorten the Since our current bill cycles were put in place, workflows have changed and evolved. Shortening the bill cycle length also brings us more in line with industry standards.

While due dates are changing, bill dates are not. Customers will still be billed every two months. Watch your bills in September – December of 2023, which will include a bill insert outlining the changes. You can also click here to view the flier.

Geneva and North Shore residents will still receive bills in odd months, and your first bill on the new cycle will be dated January 1, and be due January 25, 2024.

Sudden Valley residents will receive bills in even months. Your first bill on the new cycle will be dated February 1, and be due February 25, 2024.

Please contact our offices at 360-734-9224 or email with questions.