Todd Citron

Todd Citron is the District’s longest-serving commissioner, having celebrated 20 years of service in 2018. He has served as Board President since January, 2023. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Todd spent two years in Bellingham at Western Washington University before receiving college and graduate degrees from Wesleyan University and Boston College. He spent a decade in New England, started a family, and then moved with them to Bellingham in 1989 and into the Lake Whatcom watershed in 1991. Todd had a career in computer programming, networking, repair and technical support for 25 years. Todd’s desire to preserve the health and beauty of the area is manifest in his focus on building a robust water and sewer district with efficient operating practices while distributing costs equitably.

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2024 Bill Cycle Changes

Beginning in January of 2024, Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer Customers will see an adjustment to their billing cycles. Currently, there are 50 days between the bill date and the […]

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