Do I have a leak?

The most common ways that people discover a hidden water leak are through an abnormally high water bill or contact from District staff.

If your meter shows ‘spin,’ or water moving through the meter constantly, for 24 hours or more, our staff will receive an alert.  Reasons for a 24-hour spin can include a forgotten hose or faucet running, a running toilet or leaky fixture, or a more serious leak.  Generally, notification will be made by a door hanger left on the front door, or sometimes by phone.

The District also monitors accounts for high usage.  All accounts with high usage are reviewed by our Utility Systems Specialist and compared to the account history.  If there has been a large jump in usage, we may contact you through a high-use notification letter or by phone.

Occasionally, we will receive a call from a concerned neighbor when a leak is evident, and will facilitate contacting the property owner and when necessary, shutting the water off to prevent issues.

If you think you might have a water leak, you can find tips on how to find it here.