What is ULID #18?

A Utility Local Improvement District (ULID) is the procedure used to extend service to a group of properties whereby all property owners share in the cost. This process is a formal State defined procedure covered under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 36.94.230).  Property owners in the benefit area may pay the assessments in a single lump sum or pay in installments over a period of time not exceeding 20 years at an interest rate set by the governing body of the public entity empowered by law to form the assessment.

In 2001, the Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District Board of Commissioners formed ULID #18 for the financing of the Lake Louise Road Sewer Interceptor. Some vacant properties located within the benefit area were excluded from the assessment role because the property owner elected to “opt out” of ULID #18 by recording a Restrictive Covenant. A Restrictive Covenant prevents the property from receiving sewer service for a period of at least 25 years from December 16, 2002.

The original amount for ULID #18 was $2,792.78 per assessment.

Billing for Installments:

  • ULID statements are billed annually on March 1st to the owners of assessed lots carrying an open assessment balance.
  • Charges for water and sewer service, if the lot is connected to the water and/or sewer system, are billed separately.
  • ULID charges are billed at $139.64 principal and 9.5% interest on the remaining unpaid balance on the assessment.
  • The due date for the minimum annual payment is April 30th of the year it is billed.
  • A 30-day grace period is allowed. If the minimum annual amount due is not paid by the due date, including the grace period, a past due fee of 12% will be assessed against the annual minimum amount due.

For more information about ULID #18, please contact the District Office.