Meters and Metering

Washington State Law requires that all water systems serving 15 or more residential service connections be metered.  Your water meter measures the volume of water used in your home and from fixtures on your property.

Water use from 0-600 cubic feet per billing period is covered by the base rate.  If more than 600 cubic feet are used, customers are charged per 100 cubic feet.  1 cubic foot of water is 7.48 gallons.

Average water use over the duration of two months for one person is about 600 cubic feet.  Many factors impact how much water you use: the number of people living in your home, personal water-use habits, and the efficiency of your fixtures— such as toilets and clothes washer.  Outdoor water, such as watering plants, using a pressure washer, or washing a car, also contributes to your bill.  Water usage typically increases during the summer months.

Readings are taken from your water meter every 2 months.  Meters are read electronically, however, it may be necessary for the meter reader to do a manual read when there is signal interference.  Some things that can cause interference are:

  • Metal lids on a meter box
  • Vehicle or other large object on top of the meter box
  • Water in the meter box due to heavy rains

Customers should be sure that their meter box is unobstructed at all times.