Sewer Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Sewer Plan for Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District  is updated every six years as required by state law.  The plan has been prepared in accordance with the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) guidelines as presented in WAC 173‐240-50.

The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the existing sewage installations and treatment facilities operated and maintained by Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District.  In addition, this report addresses potential future facilities development and projected population growth, including the following topics:

  • system owner/operator information,
  • sewer system layout including a description of the existing system boundaries, description of existing collection facilities including recently completed improvements,
  • discussion of development trends within sewer district boundaries,
  • discussion of existing and future collection and treatment issues such as existing and future sewer flows, and infiltration/inflow,
  • discussion of sewer rate structure and revenue planning,
  • discussion of present and future development alternatives within the district boundaries,
  • outline of future improvement projects within the District.

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Resolution 866: A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners Adopting the Comprehensive Sewer Plan 2020 Update 

Whatcom County Council Resolution No. 2020-03 Approving the Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District Comprehensive Sewer Plan 2020 Update

01 June 2020 – Final Sewer Comp Plan Report – Adopted 6/10/20

02i – C1904 SEPA DNS 2020.02.20

02 – 2019-077 SEPA Environmental Checklist

03 – Exhibit A – District Boundary

04 – Exhibit B – Sewer Collection Systems

05 – Exhibit C – Update of I&I Analysis

06 – Exhibit D – Supplemental Hydraulic Model Analysis

07 – Exhibit E – Sudden Valley – Geneva Flow Schematics

08 – Exhibit F – North Shore Flow Schematic

09 – Exhibit G – City of Bellingham Recorded Interlocal Agreement

10 – Exhibit H – Public Water Systems

11 – Exhibit I – Master Fees and Charges Schedule 27

12 – Exhibit J – Potential Sewer Growth Map

13 – Exhibit K – Capital Improvement Plan

14 – Exhibit L – Water Quality Monitoring Report – North Shore OSS

15 – Exhibit M – North Shore Sewer Extension Investigation

16 – Exhibit N – Study Area Characteristics