Tips: Leaks, Conservation & Education


Find a Leak

Tips for finding a water leak in your home.

Leaky Toilet Brochure

How to handle a leaky or running toilet in your home.

Tips & Information

Fats, Oils, and Grease

Fats, oils and greases can be damaging to your home and the environment. Fats, oils and greases aren’t just bad for your arteries and your waistline – they’re bad for sewers, too.

Don’t Flush It!

Even if a product label claims that an item is “flushable,” products like dental floss, tampon applicators, disposable wipes and kitty liter are clogging our sanitary sewer system. Check out this flyer for tips on what to keep out of your pipes.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation Flyer

Check out this flyer for information on why water conservation is important, and how you can help conserve water in our district!