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  • Detecting Water Leaks
    • Tips for finding a water leak in your home.
  • Summer Water Conservation
    • Summer is the perfect time to think about water conservation! Tips for saving our water, and saving your money!
  • Don’t Flush It!
    • Even if a product label claims that an item is “flushable,” products like dental floss, tampon applicators, disposable wipes and kitty liter are clogging our sanitary sewer system. Check out this flyer for tips on what to keep out of your pipes.
  • Call Before You Plant
    • You’ve heard of call before you dig, but you should also call before you plant or complete major landscaping work!

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2024 Bill Cycle Changes

Beginning in January of 2024, Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer Customers will see an adjustment to their billing cycles. Currently, there are 50 days between the bill date and the […]

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