Tip: Don’t Flush Wipes!

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If in doubt, throw it out!

As Eric Johnston, assistant public works director-operations for the city of Bellingham states in an article published at The Bellingham Herald last Friday, “There’s no such thing as a flushable wipe.”

Did you know?

When you put wipes down the toilet, they don’t break down the same way that toilet tissue does, and cause messy clogs that cost millions of dollars per year to clear.  Whether it’s wipes, bandages, feminine hygiene products, or other trash, it ends up collected at the treatment plant and sent to the landfill in the end.

Even if a product claims that an item is “flushable,” products like dental floss, tampon applicators, and disposable wipes cause damage to lines, pumps, and equipment.  If it isn’t toilet paper or from your body, it belongs in the garbage can instead of the toilet!

For more information, please see our Please, Don’t Flush Trash flyer and ‘Flushable’ wipes are making a mess in Bellingham’s sewers at The Bellingham Herald.