Water System Comprehensive Plan Approved By Department of Health

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The Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer District recently received notification that the Washington State Department of Health has approved a revision to our Water System Comprehensive Plan. This Plan is a strategic planning document that identifies and helps us implement water system improvements through 2028.

We are committed and dedicated to ensuring we continue to provide safe, clean drinking water to our customers. We also want to make sure there is adequate capacity to accommodate growth over the next 20 years. Our Plan helps us prioritize our work over the next 10 years, including:

  • Upgrades to both of the District’s water treatment plants
  • Seismic retrofits to and re-coating of three of our reservoirs
  • Improvements to system fire flow
  • Various system rehabilitation and replacement projects

“Safe and reliable drinking water is critical to our health and property values,” stated Derek Pell, Deputy Director for the Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water. “The district developed a living planning document that will help operators and financial decision makers keep the water system sustainable. Great work!”

“The District greatly appreciates our partnership with the Department of Health and the assistance provided by Wilson Engineering in revision of our Water System Comprehensive Plan,” said District Engineer Bill Hunter. “This plan has been developed to ensure that the District maintains its long track record of continually providing high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements.”

About Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer District

Originally formed in 1968 as Water District #10, the Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer District provides water service to approximately 3,700 customers and sewer service to approximately 3,900 customers in an 18-square mile area encompassing Lake Whatcom. The District is operated by 18 full-time professionals, governed by a five-member board of commissioners elected from within the District, and has an annual budget of approximately $8 million. District board and staff are committed to providing the best possible water and sewer services to its customer at an affordable cost, and in a way that contributes to protecting Lake Whatcom’s water quality.